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Total IT Solutions

What "Total IT Solutions" means to us at bSureIT is that we will partner with your company to provide the right solutions and services to keep your employees working effectively, reliably and securely. From setup and configuration to troubleshooting and all the way thru to long term maintenance, our techs will be there providing the expertise to get the project done right.

We've formed partnerships with many industry leading manufacturers, developers and solution providers so that we're able to offer the right products or services to fit your needs. Have a look below at just a few of the many services we offer.

Fully Managed IT Service.

​​Fully Managed Service from bSureIT is like having your own internal IT department, monitoring performance, providing ongoing upgrades and maintenance, protecting your assets and performing backups.

We take care of your computers, servers, network, email services, licensing - even help desk support for your employees.

It also means that when your employee has a question or glitch they'll have one stop to get advice, to answer their question or even to remotely connect into their system and resolve the issue right away!


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Desktop AntiVirus alone just isn't enough.


From Endpoint Detection and Response protection to server hardening and advanced firewalling with malware protection, intrusion detection and content filtering, we can provide the multiple layers of security necessary to secure and protect your entire network.

Most businesses have to meet at least some regulatory compliance standards. We can help with initial network design as well as regularly scanning for vulnerabilities, patching, upgrading and more!


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If you have a server that's slowing, a system freezing, a printer not printing or an application glitching, we can provide the support necessary to get your employees working productively again.

Most of the time, we can provide the Help Desk support you need quickly and efficiently over the phone or by connecting directly into your computer and remotely providing the assistance needed.

Occasionally issues are better handled onsite. No problem - our techs are ready to roll to your location when required.


Hard Drive Backup

Should I backup onsite, offsite, to the Cloud? How often should I backup? What needs backed up? Are the backups working and recoverable if I need them? What if my computer crashes? What happens if I get hacked or a virus encrypts everything?

Am I really protected?

If you don't know the answers to all of these questions, you need expert help before the unthinkable happens!


Data loss can be catastrophic to your business - make sure your data is safe with backup options from bSureIT!

Equipment Sales.


You know you need some new equipment, but you just aren't sure what to get. Will it do the job I need? Do I really need that many Giga-thingies? Will this device talk to that device?

Who will support my equipment if I order online or purchase from a box store?

At bSureIT, we partner with many of the industry's leading equipment vendors and can help supply you with the right equipment for your needs. Desktops, Servers, Laptops, Printers, Screens, Firewalls, Wireless Access Points - we can supply and support whatever is needed!

Office 365 / Cloud Services.


Portable productivity at it's best. Working with the Microsoft Office products you are used to but with the added benefit of the cloud you can work from anywhere and on virtually any device.

The cream-of-the-crop when it comes to email services, Hosted Exchange provides scalable email, contacts, to-do lists and shareable calendars that sync to all your devices and computers seamlessly.

Save, sync, share, roam and collaborate like never before - all with guaranteed reliability with the suite of Office 365 software and services!

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