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Great Service starts with Great Employees

At bSureIT, we know that providing excellent service to our customers means hiring the best and brightest and then encouraging ongoing training and growth in the field, so we're always on the lookout for those individuals that would be an asset to our team.

If you're a self motivated individual who is skilled in IT Support, are an excellent listener with amazing customer service skills and think you'd be an asset to our team, Contact Us!


Honesty and Integrity.

We routinely deal with sensitive information on behalf of our clients, so honesty and integrity are paramount for our employees.

Be prepared to undergo background checks, social media searches and reference checks.



There's a steep learning curve in our industry. Not just the technology itself, but learning the customers, their setups and expectations of our company.

We want individuals looking to build a career and who want to help build our client base long-term.


Team Work yet Self-Inspired.

Our employees will often work alone but always remain a part of our team. Each employee can't be an expert in every field, but we can provide the best experience to our customers by recognizing when our team has someone better aligned to a task and collaborating as needed.


Driven and Organized.

We seek out driven individuals with a determination to succeed as a part of a conducive team of professionals. Listening to the client and fixing a problem is step one, but also important is following proven guidelines and policies, documenting changes and collaborating with the team as needed.


Common Sense Troubleshooting.

Going along with organization skills is the ability to properly troubleshoot a problem. Randomly jumping from possible solution to possible solution causes missed resolutions. Rather, follow sensible steps that lead from the source to destination to determine the actual point of failure.

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