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About bSureIT

Stemming back to 1982 - bSureIT has proven staying power.


bSureIT origins stem back to 1982 when Ron Slagel founded the original company which developed several different types of custom software.


In 1994, Ron hired the current President (and his son), David Slagel. David soon realized that the area was in need of a company that could provide customers with network support as well as custom computer sales and service. There were also limited to no options for Internet Service in the area, so David began working on developing those markets.

In 2002, David split off the networking, support and Internet business to a stand-alone company; Route24 Computers, Inc. Route24 provided dialup, wireless and DSL Internet service under the name - which still offers DSL Internet services today.

Eventually, as Route24 Computers was delving deeper into Fully Managed IT Services, we recognized the need to rebrand around this emerging market and began doing business as bSureIT and offering Total IT Solutions.


At bSureIT, we are committed to providing the best service possible by truly listening to our customer's needs and then providing the solutions that best fit those needs. We frequently see the results of other companies churning out the cookie-cutter products that often don't efficiently solve the need of the business it was installed in. We stand with our customers for the long haul and would rather provide the correct solution to begin with rather than deal with the ongoing issues down the road.


When issues do occur, there is usually more that one vendor involved. It's easy for the software company to pass the buck to the hardware vendor or blame obscure or general conditions. We routinely work as a "referee" between different vendors to determine the actual cause of an issue and getting it corrected. Playing the blame game doesn't help the end user get back to working effectively, so that's a game not worth playing.

If you're looking for a partner you can trust to provide excellent IT consulting, networking, server management, a fully managed IT platform - or anything in between -


bSureIT has the proven track record to do the job!

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